I always sketch but I never post, ayyy





What expressions do you make when you’re laughing?
I think a lot of people don’t realize what an impact a laugh or even a smile will do not just to others, but themselves too.  It lightens your mood. It heals the heart. It soothes the heart. 🙂 Smile on everyone!

Male Sketching

I don’t sketch male figures very often. I haven’t seen many and when I do I tend to look away red faced…Yes I am one of the shy ones. Here is a quick sketch of a guy looking back. >///<   I love it!male sketch

Vanessa’s Modeling

A long time ago, last year I think, I did two story clips…and I never finished it….well, I only ever did one picture of her. Today, I’m accompanying my sister to her friends quinceañera (15th Birthday) kind of a big deal in the Mexican culture. ANYWAY, I was wondering what to do with myself and really glad I brought my sketchbook.
This would be a picture of Vanessa modeling. Hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

Quick Sketch

Just a quick sketch of horses. A while back, I was really into drawing horses and pegasus, I studied the anatomy and easiest ways to draw them. The easiest way, I found, was practice. Oh well, that time has passed and now I can draw horses pretty good 🙂


When I took a picture of this the lighting sucked made the corner look good lol. Happy accident. 🙂

Turntable Files

So I located 2 of the files that I found on my search to do a 3D turntable.

This one was created by Johan Steen. Click here to go to his page and download it. His is pretty decent. You render your 3D object like normal but don’t save as an .avi or .mov. Save the file as jpegs or sequenced images and you put it together in flash using his instructions.

This one was created by *KP-ShadowSquirrel. I found his in Click here to download his version. Aaaaand click here to view his representation/3D model.

This last one I found in a website called flabell. Click here to visit their page to view their demonstration of it as well as download it.Before and After

I would post the zip files here but unfortunately WordPress won’t let me. Good Luck!

This is a after/before (left: after,  right:before) picture that I sketched out. I thought I should add art of how I’ve progressed, even if only a little.   The original sketch was a 2D version of a statue that I was making for an underworld Atlantis that was mostly sand… I had this statue, a swan, a building and another statue very much like a statue of Aphrodite.